Wave Armor

The Wave Armor product range is all about fun on the water – a supremely functional range of jetties that can be easily reconfigured and take on accessories of your choice such as benches, personal watercraft docks (PWC), bumpers, dock ramp, pipe adapters, post attachments, kayak rack, boat lifts, storage units and more. Each floating dock section is 60 inches wide, 120 inches long and 16 inches tall allowing you to customize the exact configuration you desire. Dock sections are made from high impact polyethylene with maximum UV protection. Its top section comes in an amazing Pebble Beach textured finish offering you a unique look.


Calm sea/Bays/Lakes

Raw Material:



Pipe adapters/ Post Attachments


H-Beam Channel Lock System

Warranty Details  
Docks/PWC/Attachments: 7 years
Swim Rafts/Benches/Kayaks/ Bumpers: 3 years
Electrics and water: 1 year